Currently Reading: Case Histories

This first three chapters of this novel had me a little worried.  They told three stories of disturbing things happening to seemingly perfect families.  A three year old disappears in the night.  A young woman is murdered without a motive.  A young wife and mother kills her husband.  I thought, while these are all well-written, I'm not particularly in the mood for a bunch of short stories about screwed up things happening to families.  Luckily, the novel picked up and the three stories have started to come together through the retired detective looking into them (albeit, in different ways) years later.  The writing is very well-done, the novel is full of mysteries, and the characters are realistic, which is always nice.  Each of the characters intertwine with each other in curious ways, and I'm looking forward to seeing how each incident is resolved.  I have a hard time putting this one down when I get off the bus and have to go into work each morning.   


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