Four on Thursday

Longest. week. ever.  I keep thinking its one day later than it actually is, and being pulled back to reality is unpleasant.  Luckily, it's been a quiet week and I've been able to do some cooking.  We've had beef and broccoli, sweet corn risotto, Shepard's pie, and homemade pizza.  Well, DT made the pizza, but it still counts.  And no shopping this week either!  Something must be seriously off with me.  Anyway, I'm apparently very into blue and white this week, so check 'em out.


Gap Perfect Oxford Shirt dress in Blue, on sale $34.99

It may be a bit summery, but you could autumn this shirt dress right up with some tights, booties, and a leather jacket.  The alternate coloring on the collar, cuffs, and button placket are a nice, simple detail that makes the dress a bit more interesting.  It looks comfortable and easy, which is perfect for a fall weekend day.


Brooks Brothers Cotton Sleeveless Circle Print Blouse, on sale $49.25

Brooks Brothers isn't normally my jam.  They're usually too buttoned-up for my taste, but when I saw this blouse, I thought they might be headed more in my direction.  Honestly, this blouse gives me a certain J. Crew type vibe, and that is not a bad thing.  It's a flattering shell for the workday, the print is fun, and the off-center bow is unexpected.  Toss on a blazer and trousers and you're good to go.


Enamel Safari Earrings in Ivory, $25

Tuckernuck recently got on my radar, and they carry so many great brands, I can't believe I didn't know about them before.  Anyway, animals are huge for fall. Not animal prints (although those are too), but actual animals.  If you've seen anything Tory Burch has done recently, its covered in foxes.  These earrings are a great, subtle way to incorporate that trend into your look.  White and gold are a great combination and will look classic and polished.


J. Crew Tortoise-Button Sweatshirt in Stripe in Ivory, on sale $49.99

Give me a sweatshirt that I can throw on and still look put together and I will worship you.  I repeat, this top is a sweatshirt.  Glorious sweatshirt material, made to look like you actually spent time getting ready.  It's fantastic.  Stripes are awesome, we all know that.  But the tortoise buttons on the shoulder?  Amazing detail that elevates this style even more. 


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