Four on Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Is this week flying by for anyone else?  I've been highly productive - doing lots of laundry, organizing my closet, painting my nails, and most importantly booking my flight home for Thanksgiving.  It might seem a little early, but prices are ridiculous this year, so I jumped on it before they went up any higher.  If I'm in the air for 45 minutes, why must you charge me $400+?  Anyway, my taste in clothes this week seems to be mostly about patterns, you dig?

Anthropologie Katydid Poplin Crops, on sale $39.95

As I'm sure you've read, seen, and heard ad nauseum, printed pants are here to stay, at least for another season or so.  These cropped ones are a unique pattern and a flattering cut.  I like the light orange base color of the pant with the kelly green of the pattern.  These can work for fall and also for the spring.  

Halogen Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt in 4 Square Geo Black/White Combo, on sale $34.90

If there's one piece that is my go-to fall work basic, its the pencil skirt.  I've got a few from J. Crew, which I love, but can't pay full price for.  This one from Halogen is another fun print, but still basic enough to work in the office.  Black and white is another big trend (isn't it always?) and it would be super easy to mix prints by adding a striped blouse or something on top.

Old Navy V-Neck Sweater Dress in Camel Stripe, $29.94

My casual fall go-to piece is a sweater dress.  I love the ease of throwing one on, plus the comfort and coziness of it.  This one from Old Navy comes in a great rugby stripe (more colors, both stripes and solids are available too).  Pair it with flats now, then add tights and boots when it gets colder. 


H&M Gloves, $12.95

Gloves?! I know, its only September, but cold weather is a-comin'.  Gloves are great because my hands are literally always cold, plus they can dress up a casual outfit.  The color of these is great (also comes in black, camel, and coral) and the bow is a cute, ladylike detail.  Very Kate Spade.  This pair probably isn't the warmest in the world, so they're more fashion than function.  Which is ok as long as we stay above freezing.


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