It's Festival Season!

Adams Morgan Festival

H Street Festival

Barracks Row Festival/DC State Fair

The past three weekends, I've spent some serious time bombing around some of my favorite neighborhoods in DC during the... daytime.  Crazy, I know.  Normally I only hit up these places at night for my weekendly imbibing.  The neighborhood festivals in DC are such a great way for the local community to come together and celebrate what makes them great.  They all had fun music, dancing, performances, food, drinks, and activities.  H Street was geared a little more toward the partying crowd, which is fine with me, and Barracks Row had a more family-friendly vibe.  Adams Morgan fell somewhere in the middle.  They were all really fun to go to and just wander around, seeing what they had to offer.  Highlights for me were the Brazilian dancers at Adams Morgan (those costumes were stunning), all the musical performances on H Street, and the petting zoo on Barracks Row.  Although DT did freak out every time a child walked behind a donkey and its hind legs.  Parents, beware.  It's kinda how Don Draper's dad died.    


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