Stripes of the Blue & White Variety

Jacket: Gap (current); Top: J. Crew; Shorts: Forever 21 (similar); Bag: Target (old); Shoes: Me Too, bought at TJ Maxx; Bangles: Forever 21 (similar); Shades: Ray Ban; Earrings: Nordstrom (similar)

I did it.  Yesterday, I decided we'll do it live, just like Bill O'Reilly.  And by do it live, I mean I posted the blog to my Facebook page so that all my FB friends could see it.  This is a big deal for me.  I've been super secretive about the whole thing for a long time.  A few friends found out unintentionally, but that was ok.  And I recently told my family, who all thought it was hilarious and great, plus DT's family, who were also really supportive.  But I don't know, I was really nervous to share this with my whole world.  Random peoples from the depths of the Internets?  Sure, why not?  But people I know in real life and actually run into?  Terrifying.  

Blogging is weird.  As in, it is bizarre for me to wear clothes, make DT take my picture, and then put them online and turn into Ron Burgundy, "Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!"  Its an odd thing to do.  Due to the weirdness, I wasn't sure how people would react.  I was fairly certain people would be super mean about it because, to paraphrase Leandra, what I've learned from the Internet is that everyone hates everything.  However, all the reactions and responses I got when I shared it were really positive.  People may not totally understand it, but they appreciate that I'm trying to do something creative and focused on my non-9 to 5 interests.

Now its out there and people might be reading it (hi people!).  Fingers crossed for the best!   


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