So Long Sweet Summer

Jacket: Zara (similar); Blouse: Halogen (similar here and here); Pants: J. Crew; Bag: Kate Spade; Shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: Vintage; Shades: Ray Ban

It's official, summer's over.  DT and I spent the last summer night of this year sitting outside for happy hour, drinking seasonal cocktails (strawberry martinis and mojitos), and eating amazing Mediterranean food at Cafe 8.  Other than that, my weekend was relatively low-key.  I've been very much a homebody for the past few weeks.  Maybe I'm growing up, or maybe I'm just becoming less fun, but hangovers are less and less appealing these days. 

Saturday, DT and I wandered over to the Barracks Row festival and DC State Fair.  It was small and cute, but certainly seemed more geared towards kids and families.  We didn't stick around too long before we had to head to soccer.  And we won!  I also had a goal, but it was called back on an offsides call.  This is why we need sideline review in recreational soccer!  After the game, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening being lazy and watching bad tv.  Homebody, I'm telling you, its weird.

The next day I had plans to meet my friend M for brunch at the Red Derby.  I hadn't been there forever, and even though it took me a walk and two buses to get there, it was certainly worth it.  $2 mimosas.  Yes, you read that right.  $2.  We sat on the roof deck, the weather was amazingly beautiful, we drank, we caught up with each others' lives, we ate delicious brunch food.  Afterwards, she took me to one of her favorite thrift stores.  Even though I didn't end up buying anything, they had a surprisingly good selection of great basics (think Gap and J. Crew Sweaters, mall brand jeans, and a plethora of turtlenecks).  There were a few things I tried on, including an Ungaro suit, but nothing fit quite right.  Disappointing, but its worth another visit. 

After a trip to Target and a walk through M's neighborhood, I headed home to be lazy again.  We flipped back and forth between the Emmys and the Pats/Ravens game.  The Emmys were relatively painless and Homeland was the big winner (Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Damien Lewis), and Best Actress (Claire Danes)).  And the Patriots, well, that was painful.  Not worth staying up until midnight to watch them make a bunch of stupid plays and decisions, only to lose on the last play.  And I know there's a lot of complaining about the replacement refs, but they're completely overwhelmed and doing the best that they can do.  Maybe the NFL should see this as incentive to pay their refs better.  End of rant.

How was your weekend? 


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